Parish Council

Parish of The Sacred Heart and Saint Joseph

Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

7th March at Saint Joseph’s

Father Anthony opened the meeting with a prayer.

Present: Father Anthony, B France, J Kirwan, B Palmer, E Smith, P Stuart, J Ward, V Ward and T Williams

Apologies: J Thompson and C Allan

Minutes of last meeting 7.12.23 P Stuart and V Ward approved the minutes.

Matters Arising: Catholic Parish Summit Harrogate, so far no one able to attend.

Children’s Liturgy, a meeting for this has been arranged for Thursday 21st at 6.30 Sacred Heard Hall for anyone interested in volunteering to help.

Presbytery / Refugees Community Sponsorship:  Sue Parsons came and talked at all the Masses and explained what the Community Sponsorship was all about, Sue also came to the Parish meeting on the 17th February and answered questions people had about this. Another meeting has been arranged for the 20th March without Sue, so people may feel free to talk about their concerns and hopefully form a group. If a group is formed Father Anthony will approach the Diocese about the possible change of use of the Presbytery at Saint Joseph’s church to accommodate a refugee family.

Father Anthony would like it noted he does not want to be the Chair at any of the groups that are formed, he will be supportive but not Chair.

P Stuart went to see Father Robert at Saint Helen’s Church and asked if any from His Parish would be interested. Father Robert was interested and would speak to his Parishioners, hopefully some may come to the next meeting.

What will be the name of the group?

Safeguarding: M Day and V Ward attended Safeguarding training at Hinsley Hall, all volunteers in Church need to have a basic understanding of the Safeguarding procedures, everyone will receive a copy of the Safeguarding Standards this weekend 9/10th March and will be asked to sign to say they have read this. There is also on-line training if anyone would like to do this they can find this on the Diocese website under Safeguarding.

Saint Wilfrid’s school uniform:   E Smith emailed the Chair of Governors and asked for an update, Ian Hughes (Chair) replied.  The PE Kit has changed considerably but unfortunately the rest of the uniform hasn’t and will remain with logos. Ian explained that there was very little response from parents to the second uniform survey and this was one of the reasons why the governors had taken the decision not to make any more changes to the uniform.

Ampleforth Parish Visit: 26th July 2024 has been put forward as a possible date for the trip, Father Anthony will have to request permission if we would like to have Mass at Ampleforth.  A sub-committee: B France, P Stuart and J Kirwan to arrange the Parish Trip.

Sacred Heart – Toilets and blinds: The toilets are in need of painting and splash board put up under the driers. Father Anthony has agreed to the painting of these and J Kirwan was to see a man about the splash boards.

The blinds do need sorting and it was agreed to take the blinds down as we don’t really need them.

Parish Groups:

Saint Joseph School, had 83 applicants for 30 places in reception 53 first choice. There were 24 Baptised Catholics.  There are 10 children going to Saint Wilfrid’s out of the 30 in year 6. Often more go but it depends on the cohort.

There are 17 starting Nursery in September2024, last year there were only 7 in the September.  There are 3 intakes during the school year and for this year they have 22.

Major work will be undertaken this year: Funding for a new roof £250,000, new toilets for infants and new playground.

Sacred Heart School, have 121 on role in school which is an increase. 14 places filled out of 15 in Early years for September.

Children are meeting weekly to pray the Stations of the Cross this Lent. Staff have undergone training on the liturgical year.

Y6 have had a residential and the SVP group were able to help fund the trip for children who would not otherwise have been able to go.

There are currently vacancies for 4 Foundation Governors.

SVP have two new members, we will start recruiting new Altar servers form the group of FHC later this year.

Seniors still doing ok.

Open Heart Memory Café have just been out for lunch to Burntwood Court Hotel and invited the Senior group to join them, a lovely afternoon was had by all.

AOB: Mother’s day on Sunday, all ladies will be given a daffodil by the children on Mothering Sunday.

Father Anthony closed the meeting with a pray.

Next meeting AGM Thursday 27th June Sacred Heart