First Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist

When adults or teenagers have been Baptised as Catholics, but for whatever reason have not made their First Reconciliation or Communion, and wish to do so, after discussion with the Parish Priest, usually they would join a part or more likely most of the Initiation of Adults programme.

Most commonly in our Roman Rite Church, the First Sacraments are first received by Catholics when they have reached a minimum age of seven. Like many Parishes, we go with a school age grouping, and so invite children to prepare once they are in school year 3 or higher, for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Most of the preparation programme happens in our Parish Hall, at weekends and outside of school hours. We use a programme of Family Catechesis, which requires at least one adult, ideally a parent, to remain and work with their child throughout each meeting; but the whole family is welcome to come along. Application forms are made available about October. Plans are then drawn up so as to soon after Christmas start the programme, which includes regular meetings and celebrations at some of our Parish Masses, before the celebration of First Reconciliations, during Lent.

Once a Child has celebrated their First Reconciliation, they are eligible to join the next First Communion programme. This usually begins with a meeting just before the summer holidays, and continues with monthly meetings in the Autumn, and with First Commmunions being celebrated in Advent. Again, we use a programme of Family Catechesis.

Such as details of application forms and reminders of meetings are well announced in our Parish Newsletter.