Parish Council

Parish of The Sacred Heart and St Joseph

Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

26th September 2019 at Sacred Heart

Present: J Dent, Fr A Fenton,  E Smith,  B France,  J Ward,  P Stuart, L Welsh and L Bird.

Visitors: M Withers, M & A Mair, S Dent and C Gillott

Apologies: Peter Jordan and H Duffield.

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of the meeting 14th March 2019 will be approved at the meeting on 5th December.   

Dates of next meetings


5 December 2019 – St Joseph’s Rooms

12 March 2020 – St Joseph’s Rooms

18 June 2020 – AGM – Sacred Heart Hall

10 September 2020 – St Joseph’s Rooms


Advent Charity:

Please let Fr Anthony, Elizabeth or Janet know any suggestions for the Charity for our Advent Project which, this year, is for a Developing Nations cause.

It was agreed by all and accepted by P Stuart and B France that Fr Anthony, Elizabeth and Janet could make the final decision on the Charity.


Presentation from Charles Gillott – BKCAT (Bishop Konstant Catholic Academy Trust)


Charles Gillott gave a presentation to the PPC about all aspects of the BKCAT.  He then took questions from the floor.


B France – Parents can’t afford the bus fares to send their children to St Wilfrid’s or Saint Thomas a Beckets, was there anything the BKCAT could do about this.


C Gillott – Schools were unfortunately not in a financial position to do anything about this.


A Mair  – What were the Trust doing to check that schools were doing well and not falling behind?


C Gillott  – BKCAT trustees are accountable to a number of different bodies: the Bishop, Vicar General and the Episcopal Vicar for the Vicariate of Education; DfE; Regional Schools Commissioner on Standards; the Charity Commission. The trustees themselves are volunteers with different areas of specialism: education; HR; accountancy; legal.


B France – How were some schools able to provide new uniform for their students?


C Gillott – Some academies were big businesses across the country and were in a better position to the Trust.

Some of our schools do buy some uniforms for students that are in need, but not for everyone.


B France – Why were the Trust in such expensive offices when there were empty buildings within the area.


C Gillott – The Trust were looking at other offices as the cost of Nostell is £36,000 per year, they would hopefully move when the lease is up in 18 months’ time.


E Smith – The number of practising Catholic Teaches in our schools has dropped so why send our children to them?


C Gillott – All head teachers and deputies in the BKCAT are practising Catholics. This is not a requirement for Assistant Heads. We now have good connections with Leeds Trinity (one of trustees is Professor of Education there) and hope to get students from there coming into our schools to do their placements, then hopefully getting NQT from there.

St Joseph’s is a teacher training school for the Trust. Not sure as to how many teachers through this scheme were Catholics.

L Bird  – There is a general teacher shortage. The children were still getting a good Catholic education as non-Catholic  teachers were sent on Catholic Foundation Stones courses and induction courses to Hinsley Hall.


Fr Anthony stressed the need to get our catholic children into our schools.  Fr Anthony asked whether the Trust was considering the future of schools with low numbers of Catholic children and C Gillott responded that they hadn’t looked yet.


C Gillott promised he would take the issues of the buses and the uniforms to the trustees.


Fr Anthony closed the meeting with a prayer.


Next meeting 5 December 2019 at St Joseph’s rooms at 7.00 pm.