Parish Council

Parish of The Sacred Heart and St Joseph
Annual General Meeting of the Pastoral Council

6th December 2018 Sacred Heart

Present: J Dent, J Ward, Fr A Fenton, B Palmer,  E Smith,  B France,  Jim Kirwan, L Welsh and T Williams.

Apologies: Peter Jordan H Duffield and P Stuart

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of September 2018  were accepted. T Williams and J Kirwan.

Matters Arising:  Kneelers at St Joseph’s Church are now in place.  Carpet in Father Anthony’s house needs replacing.

We can now go ahead and get a new fridge for the Kitchen in Sacred Heart Church Hall. 

Mary’s Meals will be the charity for Lent.

Evangelisation Sub Committee

The Baptism Thanksgiving Mass will take place on 13th January 2019 with representatives from both school.

The Pope’s prayer intention for the month as well as information about places where Christians are suffering persecution are to be placed on notice boards in both churches.

Brexit Effect:  Families are going back to Poland and no new families coming to replace them.  We need to spread the word to Catholic families that if they don’t support the schools and churches there is a possibility that in the future they could lose them.

Our Schools and The Sacraments:  The Catholic children that have not come along to First Sacraments could be approached by schools and gentle pressure put on them.  Encourage non church goers to come along to church. Grandparents to be encouraged to take a lead in bringing grandchildren to Mass.

Reports from Parish Organisations/Groups

St Joseph and Sacred Heart Schools

St Joseph’s school has had a lot of work done, staff room refurbished to include a dishwasher.  A working children’s kitchen has been created.

Head teacher to meet with the Trust to discuss the Nursery building.  The numbers in the nursery are low 28 children in a 52 place nursery. The main school is oversubscribed after losing two appeals.

Sacred Heart has had an Ofsted in the last week. The school’s short of 2 teachers – St Joseph’s School looking to see if they can support.

Sacred Heart Seniors: The group are doing very well with around 12 plus regular members including 2 more men, enjoying tea and chat followed by bingo and afternoon tea.   

Open Heart Memory Café is open on the second Friday of the month, we have regular visits from Sandra Pickin and Anne Moran from Wakefield Council to offer support to the group.  St Joseph’s school to come for a visit after Christmas.

Food Bank: Plodding along ok, Bernadette was worried about people getting food over Christmas.

SVP:  Three members hoping to meet with Head teacher at Sacred Heart School and the Mini Vinnies.

Date of next meetings

14th March 2019 St Joseph’s Rooms

13th June 2019 Sacred Heart AGM

The meeting ended with a blessing from Father Anthony.