Parish Council

Parish of The Sacred Heart and St Joseph
Meeting of the Pastoral Council

14 December 2017 at The Sacred Heart

Present: Fr A Fenton, B Palmer, E Smith, B France, J Ward, J Dent,
P Stuart and P Jordan

Apologies: H Duffield

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of the meeting on 7th September 2017 were accepted.
Matters Arising: No matters arising.

Dementia Friendly Parish: Paul Stuart talked about the Dementia Friendly Parish meeting with Rachel Walker and said he thought it was a good night but mainly common sense, everyone got a Dementia Friend Badge at the end of the night, also we had had a talk from Peter Smith Rothwell Dementia Friend that was very good.
Janet Ward told us about the meeting held to start the Dementia Coffee Mornings.
Open Heart Memory Café will open the second Friday of every month starting on February 9th at 10.00am. There have been 3 meeting so far with a lot of interest from around the community. The Constitution and other Policies are now in place. The coffee morning with be self-funding. Peter Smith had given a lot of good advice and would come and talk with us again.
Father Anthony had an email from a gentleman from Wakefield about Dementia, Father Anthony had brought him up to date with the training we had had and also the coffee morning.

Sacred Heart Kitchen: Father Anthony pass round copies of the plans for the new kitchen and said a few small changes to the plans were to take place and then we would get it priced up ready to take to the finance committee in January.

St Joseph’s Presbytery: This was not in a good state and needs money spending on this. If anyone knows anyone interested in renting this property we would look into getting the work done. There are a few problems regarding renting it out, one being the Electricity is connected to the church another parking. Other ideas: Trust to use it, People in Need (Elizabeth to look at her notes from Proclaim 15 to reminder her about this).

Parish Trips: B France to enquire about going to York followed by Thompson Fish Restaurant.

Evangelisation: Elizabeth explained that we now have a book stand at both churches with books for Pre –School children on them for use in Mass not to be taken away. Elizabeth to make a sign to go on the book stands. The Baptism and Faithfully Departed Masses were successful, Christmas Fayre, we had the church open again for children to have a treasure hunt and adults to look around and maybe say a prayer. Other ideas were, Mothering Sunday to give flowers to all Mothers, Prayer Cards given to recently bereaved, small cards given out from Prayer Group.

Reports from Parish Organisations/Groups
Food Bank, Sacred Heart School Children visited the food bank and asked lots of question and were interested where the food was to go. Maybe they would like to help when they get older.
Guild of St Stephen: The group were going strong.
Sacred Heart Seniors: The group are doing very well with around 12 regular members enjoying tea and chat followed by bingo and afternoon tea. Christmas Dinner went very well with Sacred Heart School children singing a selection of Carols.
SVP: The group were doing very well.
No school reports.


Date of next meeting: 15th March –St Josephs

The meeting ended with a blessing from Father Anthony.