Parish Council

Parish of The Sacred Heart and St Joseph
Annual General Meeting of the Pastoral Council

13th September 2018 at Saint Josephs

Present: J Dent, H Duffield, Fr A Fenton, B Palmer,  E Smith,  B France,            J Ward, O Godlejewski, Jim Kirwan, P Stuart, L Welsh and T Williams.

Apologies: Peter Jordan and L Bird.

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of 15th March 2018  were accepted. B France and Barry Palmer.

Matters Arising: No matters arising.

Parish Pastoral Council Constitution:  Copies of the constitution were passed round.

Sacred Heart Kitchen: Snagging in the kitchen will be rectified in the next few weeks. We will wait a while to get the new fridge.

Charity for Advent/Lent: St Ann’s Shelter for the homeless,  or another homeless charity for Advent, Mary’s Meals for Lent. Schools could be involved with this. Mary’s Meals film:

Parish Trips:  The trip to York Bar Convent: all agreed the trip was very good. 30 people went.

Ampleforth/Helmsley  were suggested for our next trip.

Evangelisation Sub Committee will meet next week but we could do with some new members on the sub committee.

The International Mass was another success, Sacrament of Anointing and Healing will be on Saturday/Sunday 29/30 September.  The Baptism Mass and Renewal of Marriage will be in the new year.

Adoremus, Eucharistic Congress:  This was held on 7,8,9th September, Elizabeth and Val Hall went to this.

Bishop Robert Barron from USA was an inspirational speaker – Make Christ the centre of your life.  Listen to his first address from Adoremus:

and the second address

A key message from the day was from praying in front of  the Blessed Sacrament: great things can happen. Several ideas were discussed. The evangelisation sub-committee will give some thought about how best to do this.

Reports from Parish Organisations/Groups

St Joseph and Sacred Heart Schools

Luke Welsh gave everyone a copy of his first letter to parents as the new Head Teacher, also a copy of the school’s newsletter.  He told us how well the school was doing and how the school staff and governors were heavily involved with supporting Sacred Heart School.  The Business Manager was now being used for both schools and that eventually there would be a joint Governing Body, (Academy Council). Luke explained how St Joseph’s had helped Sacred Heart when they went into Special Measures after their OFSTED Inspection, the school was now making good progress. This was a reverse of the situation in the past when Sacred Heart had supported St Joseph’s.

Father Anthony said the OFSTED inspectors had pointed out that the Trust hadn’t given enough help and support to Sacred Heart School when they were clearly struggling. The Bishop Konstant Multi Academy Trust was set up so all schools in the Trust would be there to support one another; unfortunately this is not the case.

There are a few schools now that do support one another sharing their expertise.

Guild of St Stephen: The group were going strong.

SVP: A Parish trip to the Wetherby Whaler had gone very well.

Sacred Heart Seniors: The group are doing very well with around 12 regular members enjoying tea and chat followed by bingo and afternoon tea.   An invitation from the SVP  to go with them to the Wetherby Whaler was enjoyed by all.

Open Heart Memory Café is now open on the second Friday of the month, we have regular visits from Sandra Pickin and Anne Moran from Wakefield Council to offer support to the group.  Jane Gwilliam from  housing department has put the group forward for an award: results will be announced on the 4th October at Cedar Court Hotel.

Food Bank: Plodding along ok, Bernadette was worried about a couple of areas that had dropped out from referring people to them.

Date of next meetings

6th December 2018 Sacred Heart Church Hall

14th March 2019 St Joseph’s Rooms

13th June 2019 Sacred Heart AGM

A.O.B:  Jim Kerwan asked if we could have a collection for used Spectacles so they could be sent to people in the developing world. Dates to be arranged with Father Anthony. Jim has sent the link below for everyone to see where the glasses will be going.

Hazel asked if we were producing the Parish Christmas Card, Janet gave a list of dates and said she would email the schools with details of this.

Pictures for the Card 18th November

Donations and names 25th November

Cards to Parishioners 15/16 December.

The meeting ended with a blessing from Father Anthony.