Parish Council

Parish of The Sacred Heart and St Joseph

Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

14th March 2019 at St Josephs

Present: J Dent, J Ward, Fr A Fenton, Peter Jordan, B Palmer,  E Smith,  and P Stuart .

Apologies: B France, H Duffield and T Williams

Resigned: Oskar Godlejewski

New youth members needed.

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of September 2018  were accepted. B  Palmer and E Smith.

Matters Arising:   Carpet in Father Anthony’s house and Fridge for the Kitchen in the church hall, still on going.

School Buses: Discussion took place about the possible loss of some of the school bus services, Elizabeth had emailed her concerns and was going to email on behalf of the PPC.  It would mainly effect the schools that were on a normal bus route.

Getting to know BKCAT:  Chair of BKCAT to come and talk to PPC and others, possible dates 12th or 26th September.  We could possibly pose some question at the AGM ready for the meeting.

Our Schools and The Sacraments:  A meeting with the Heads of both schools, possibly another member of staff, a member of both school councils, Father Anthony and Jane Dent, to be arranged to discuss ways forward.

Volunteering in the Parish: Concerns about the people volunteering around church, who are mainly older people, who are doing a fantastic job, but we need to encourage some younger member to help.  If you know anyone who can play the piano or other instruments, or help with the many other jobs that need doing, ask them if they would be willing to share the load. Confirmation group to be approached to do some jobs around the church.

A census will be done later this year, because we need to have Parishioners permission to keep their detail on record.

Evangelisation Sub Committee

The Baptism Thanksgiving Mass went well, but not as many attended as we hoped.  Next year we will send out a Prayer card (for the prayer tree) with the invitation to Baptism Mass.

Pope’s Monthly Prayer Intention, the prayer is now on display in both churches.

International Mass this year will be on 22nd June.

Reports from Parish Organisations/Groups

St Joseph and Sacred Heart Schools: No reports available.

Sacred Heart Seniors: The group are doing very well with around 12 plus regular members including 2 more men, enjoying tea and chat followed by bingo and afternoon tea.   

Open Heart Memory Café is open on the second Friday of the month, we have regular visits from Sandra Pickin and Anne Moran from Wakefield Council to offer support to the group.  A Concert ‘Bless Em All’ will be on 12th April paid for with funds from the Council.  A trip down the river has been arranged for May.

Food Bank: Universal Credits is making it very difficult for some families and 3 visits to the food bank are offered to them, if their circumstances haven’t been sorted they are given another 3 visits to hopefully help them. There has been an increase in people needing 6 visits.

SVP:  The SVP are now back on track with new members joining, also Sacred Heart will be hosting the next District Conference.

We have 6 new Altar Servers at Sacred Heart and hopefully we will get some for Saint Joseph’s.

AOB: Easter Card and Poster, we are going to ask the children at church to draw pictures for this, closing date 31st March, it will go out to Parishioners on the 6th/7th April. 

Date of next meetings

13th June 2019 Sacred Heart AGM

The meeting ended with a blessing from Father Anthony.