Parish Council

Parish of The Sacred Heart and St Joseph

Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

10th September 2020 Sacred Heart

Present: J Dent, J Ward, Fr A Fenton, B Palmer,  E Smith,  B France,  Jim Kirwan, P Jordan, P Stuart and T Williams.

Apologies: H Duffield

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of 5 December 2019 were accepted P Jordan and P Stuart.

Matters Arising:  Carpet in Presbytery needs replacing, unfortunately there had been a leak and until the decorating has been done there was no point getting a carpet. We still need 2 junior members for the PPC, this was deferred until elections next year.  Email from Charles Gillott was read out, regarding School uniforms and bus fares.

A discussion took place regarding the uniform and what help we could give to parents, ideas were to recycle uniform on our Facebook page, contact the Heads of the primary schools to ask what they could do to help.  The uniforms would be needed for children of all ages.

Parish Facebook was set up at the right time just weeks before lockdown; Live streaming of Mass has been so uplifting to Parishioners while the churches have been closed.

Sycamore Scheme started but unfortunately had to be postponed.

Maidie’s Mini Bus:    It was agreed that the Lent project would be donated to Maidie’s Mini Bus.  It was agreed this would continue during Advent.

Covid-19 causes and effects

a, Weekend and weekday Masses

Parishioners/Families are not returning to Mass in great numbers, we need to find ways to encourage them back. 

St Joseph’s Saturday Mass only 12/15 attending so possibly cancel and change the time of Sacred Heart to 5pm and try to encourage families to attend this Mass, from mid-October and see how this goes.

Also the Live Streaming of Mass to be reduced to once a month after October.

b, Other Liturgies and Exposition

No Exposition yet.

Day of Prayer very successful, hopefully hold another in Advent.

Eucharistic Ministers, if they feel comfortable taking Holy Communion to the sick and housebound they can under the guidelines from Father Anthony.

c, First Sacraments and Confirmation

FHC Children to be arranged well spaced around the Hall, Father Anthony would meet with the parents in the Church for about 15 minutes.

Hopefully First Confessions during Advent and FHC around Easter, over a few Masses if numbers allowed to attend are still limited.

Confirmation, Father Anthony would meet with Paul and Catherine Allan.

Quite likely no parents at meetings, only candidates and to start in the New Year. Hopefully Confirmation around Pentecost.

d, Use of Parish Hall and Rooms

Father Anthony is doing a Risk Assessment for this, to cover FHC, Confirmation Meetings etc. Other groups would have to have their own Risk Assessments.

At the moment Seniors, Open Heart Memory Café and Line Dancing can’t meet under the Rule of 6.

e, Questions and effects.

FHC and Confirmation would have to take place during a regular Parish Mass or we would be limited to 30 people at each service.

Update on Parish Finances and Properties

Father Anthony passed round copies of the finances  to date and explained how the finances worked.

We were £7000 down on last year but the heating bills and paper for printing bill were both down on last year.

Father Anthony went on to explain that during Lockdown Margaret (cleaner) had cut her hours from 4 days to 2 days and would like to continue and therefore would not be cleaning the Hall, she would do the toilets and Kitchen.  This means anyone using the Hall would be responsible for cleaning it and taking their rubbish away with them.

Lights in the Hall and Entrance were to be replaced at a cost of £2,170.

Parish Christmas Card

Janet, to contact the schools regarding Pictures.

Dates of next meetings:

3 December

11 March

AGM 17 June

9 September


Closing Prayer.


Date of next meeting, 12th March 2020 St Joseph’s Rooms

The meeting ended with a blessing from Father Anthony.