Parish Council

Parish of The Sacred Heart and St Joseph
Annual General Meeting of the Pastoral Council

7th September 2017 at Saint Josephs

Present: Fr A Fenton, B Palmer, E Smith, B France, J Ward, J Gill, L Welsh and H Duffield.
Apologies: J Dent, P Stuart, J Knowles, and L Darren.
K Knowles and N Edgeley had tendered resignations

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of 9th March 2017 were accepted.

Matters Arising: No matters arising.

Dementia Friendly Parish: Janet asked about the possibility of holding a Monthly Coffee Morning for people who have Dementia/Alzheimer’s and their families, this would be a social not a fundraising morning. Everyone was in agreement and Janet to contact other churches and organisations to ask if they would like to send a representative to form a group/committee to organize this.
Father Anthony gave out leaflets, Becoming a Dementia Friendly Parish; a meeting has been arranged for Wednesday 27th September 2017 at 7.30 pm led by Rachel Walker.

Parish Trips: Hazel has talked with Janice about organising a Brass Band Concert and Ladies Choir Evening. Next year we hope to repeat the retreat day to Knaresborough.

Evangelisation: The International Mass was a big success and it would be great to repeat it again next year.
Thy Kingdom Come prayer initiative to be repeated next year.
Board Books for children, in both churches for use by pre-school children during Mass.
Christmas Eve Masses, Silent night to have, first verse – English, second verse – Polish and maybe third verse both English and Polish.
Special Masses – proposed dates:
Sacrament of Anointing and Healing – 16-17th September
Thanksgiving of Baptism – Sunday 1st October
Celebrating Marriage and Renewal of Marital Vows – 14/15 th October
Commemoration of Parish Faithful Departed – 4/5 November
The Feasts of the Epiphany (6 Jan) and Ascension (40 days from Easter Day) will now be on the date and not on the weekend.

Youth Matters: Katy and Niamh have now been on the Parish Council for a year and would wish to stand down, the Parish Council would like to thank them both for their contributions during the last year.
It was also discussed that any member of the council who had not attended any meeting for over a year would automatically step down. We now have 2 vacancies for under 25s and 1 other member.

Advent Charity: After much discussion it was decided to have Cafod – Asian sub-continent. Then in Lent if the Alzheimer’s Coffee Morning had been set up this could be a possibility along with Bible Alive booklets for prisons.

Kitchen at Sacred Heart Hall: Father Anthony has found a firm he is going to ask about the kitchen.

Reports from Parish Organisations/Groups
Sacred Heart School: Due to an increase in numbers in KS2 there will now be 3 classes in the juniors increasing from 2. Year 6 and Year3 will be taught as separate classes with Y4/5 being taught together. Miss Wright has been appointed for Y4/5 and Mrs Fiaz and Mrs Roose will be sharing the teaching of Year 3. Mrs Fiaz has been working at Sacred Heart since Easter and earlier in her career taught at St Joseph’s. Mrs Roose has been working part time in school for a few years in a variety of roles.
Other staffing news is that John is ill and not in school at the moment. Lesley Darren is going to be taking on the headteacher’s duties. Vanessa Greedy is expecting her first baby in February.
The creation of a new class has led to the need for a new classroom. The library has been turned back into a classroom and a new ‘Information hub’ is in the process of being created in the former ICT Suite.
Building works on the boiler flue have been in process for a few months. The demolition of the flue has led to the uncovering of a rotten ceiling joist on the junior corridor which is going to be repaired next week.
The summer term saw lots of fun activities with trips for a number of classes, sports day, fund raising activities as well as performances for parents. John Knowles secured a brand new football kit for the school team through the Premier League Stars Initiative and also a £10 000 grant from Sport England.
St Joseph’s School: Staffing structure has changed Luke Welsh is now Head of School and RE Lead, Lesley Darren is now working for the Trust as Executive Head over all the Primary School in the Trust.
Canonical Review went very well – report given out.
SATs results Highest Performing School in Wakefield.
Mary Poppins performance very good.
Food Banks they had a good response.
Luncheon club in Lent went well and will do it again.
Year 6 Retreat with Sacred Heart was very successful.
£3,000 raised for Charity during the year.
Year 6 going to on Diocesan pilgrimage to Ripon then walking to Fountains Abbey.
Building work, 2 new boilers and new central heating, new gates and a new floor.
A leak, that caused lots of problems for the school.
Vandals have broken 11 windows then 19 more during the summer.
Guild of St Stephen: The group were going strong.
Sacred Heart Seniors: The group are doing very well with around 15 regular members enjoying tea and chat followed by bingo and afternoon tea.
Christmas Fair 25th November.
Food Bank: Thank you to the Schools and Father Anthony for their support.
Social workers now call in and take food out to families in need.
Bernadette to contact all schools before Harvest Festivals.
Mini Vinnie’s to visit the Food Bank to look round.

Dates of next meetings:
14th December – Sacred Heart
15th March –St Josephs
14th June – AGM plus meeting = Sacred Heart
13th September = St Josephs

A.O.B: Parish Christmas Card, will be produced again this year involving both school and Parish Family.
Parish Christmas Card:
We would need the children’s pictures by 19th November, A4 landscape, religious scene, with Name, age and church/school on the back.
Names and donations, for the card, to be in by 26th November.
Parish Christmas card, to be given out to Parishioners, on the weekend of 9/10thth December.

The meeting ended with a blessing from Father Anthony.