Parish Council

Parish of The Sacred Heart and Saint Joseph

Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

17th June 2021 Sacred Heart

Present: J Dent, Fr A Fenton, E Smith, B France, P Jordan, B Palmer and

P Stuart

Apologies: H Duffield, J Ward, J Kirwan and T Williams

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of meeting 15th April 2021 were accepted by P Jordan and B France.

Matters arising: There were no matters arising from the minutes.

St. Wilfrid’s Uniform

Elizabeth wrote to Mr Dore the Headteacher in reply to the letter that he sent dated 10th February 2021. Fr A Fenton, B France and P Jordan looked it over before it was sent.

J Ward informed Elizabeth that a bill had been passed in Parliament about limiting the logo uniforms. After checking the information Elizabeth included this in her letter to Mr Dore. Mr Dore eventually replied to say he would be in touch about it depending on the response from the government. He was getting his local MP involved.


The sub committee had a meeting that continued the discussion from the PPC. Elizabeth went through the minutes of the meeting.

Some dates were put in the diary:

  • International Mass – June/July 2022
  • Baptism Mass – January 9th 2022
  • Mass of the Dead – October 30th/31st 2021

(Remembering all who have died during Covid)

  • Healing Mass – September 25th/26th 2021
  • Marriage Celebration Mass – May/June 2022
  • Pancake Event – after evening mass February 26th 2022 (end of half term)

Family Mass – no decisions have been made. Still keeping it in mind.

Meet and greet – We would like to keep the stewards even after Covid restrictions have ended. P Stuart willing to keep this going.

Tea and coffee after Mass – Father to see those involved at St. Joseph’s and what their thoughts are. To try and have a rota at Sacred Heart so no one person is responsible all the time.

Asked if there were any questions or ideas to add about Evangelisation.

Numbers at Masses? – Numbers at both churches slowly rising nearly reaching maximum, not so much on a Saturday evening.

Live steaming? – now once a month.

Father has a concern about those in middle and younger years who are using work in vulnerable situations and don’t want to pass on Covid are using this as an excuse, which was a genuine reason in the beginning. How can we encourage them to come back to mass?

Evangelisation an ongoing development to get people back to church.


Elections should have happened last year but have been delayed due to restrictions.

People must submit names to have an election. Names need to be submitted 4 weekends before a ballot, names are then displayed 3 weekends before, so people know who to vote for.

Names submitted by 19th September 2021.

Ballot no later than 16th/17th October 2021.

(Names listed – put a cross in relevant box and post it at church)

AGM – 7pm. Thursday 21st October 2021. New members attend AGM.

Normal meeting – 9th September 2021 where perspective candidates could attend. The date will go in the bulletin. Young people need to be baptised/confirmed Catholics and should be practising the faith.

B France and P Stuart agreed the dates.


One off report. Cannot compare the report to previous year due to covid. Collections are down due to numbers; bankers’ orders have kept Parish going. Other outgoings have also been down and overall covid has brought the Parish a financial gain. The report will be published for the Parish over the next few weeks.

Parish Groups

St. Joseph’s and Sacred Heart Schools – no one attended the meeting from either school.


First Communion – this happened over a few weekends in both churches. 3rd July should have been the celebration to bring all the children together however this had to be cancelled due to covid restrictions that are still in place.

First Reconciliation – starts Saturday 19th June with about 20 children (4 SH, 6 SJ, 5 Grimethorpe). There are 3 sessions between now and 10th July.

September the First Communion programme starts.

Confirmation – 8 young people and 1 adult were confirmed over the 3 masses.

Altar Servers – getting a couple back. No new ones from SJ. Sunday Mass (SH) a boy serves who has never let us down.

Guild of St Stephen – should have been last year. It has not been forgotten will hopefully do it soon.

SVP – started meeting again. Should have had a district meeting after mass at SH but it had to be cancelled due to restrictions.

Food Bank – Council still running it.

Seniors and Open Heart – haven’t been able to come back yet. Lost 2/3 good members.

Cleaning of Hall

Some Parishes have never had a paid cleaner for their hall except perhaps for the toilets and kitchen. Groups have been expected to clean up after themselves. At the present, we no longer have a paid cleaner for the hall.

We need to review whether we should have a paid cleaner to clean the hall? If we do get a paid cleaner who makes payment? If not a Parish group, should they pay rent? E.g., Open Heart. What about Parish groups? Who covers cost of cleaning?

This is to be put on the agenda for the next PPC meeting.

While having covid restrictions groups must have a risk assessment which has to cover covid restrictions. Parish groups are included in the Parish risk assessments.


Covid Mobile Test Centre – over last 4 weeks, 2/3 days a week a mobile test centre has used SH carpark. Father got a request, which he allowed if it didn’t conflict with funeral parking. It could be cancelled at short notice so was allowed to take place. It was from 7.30am – 3.30pm They paid a cost of £25 a session which was a fair price as they were using the toilets. There was variable attendance over the sessions.

Defibrillator – Where is it? Some people have been asking about it. There was a box outside SJ Church. The box was attached to the wall, but it didn’t have a defibrillator in it. The box has been removed and is in a safe place. Not sure where the closest one to SJ Church is. Elizabeth to google to find out and Bernadette offered to check it out and put it on the first aid box so people will know.

SH Church – The closest one is at the Community Centre across the road from church.

Next meeting: 9th September 2021 Sacred Heart