Parish Council

Parish of The Sacred Heart and Saint Joseph

Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

9th September 2021 Sacred Heart

Present: J Dent, Fr A Fenton, E Smith, B France, B Palmer, P Stuart,

J Ward, J Kirwan, T Williams and L Bird

Visitors: P Dore (Headteacher St Wilfrid’s), L Scott, J Clough and

D Kirwan

Apologies: H Duffield and P Jordan

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of meeting 17th June 2021 were accepted by B France and P Stuart.

Matters arising: Moved to after the item on Uniform.

St. Wilfrid’s Uniform

Elizabeth introduced and welcomed L Bird and P Dore to the meeting. She also mentioned that some on the Parish Council worked with poorer families in the community – Food Bank and SVP.

Elizabeth went through the process of how we got to this meeting on uniform. She then explained that she had posted on the Facebook page and the Parish Newsletter asking for people’s views on St Wilfred’s Uniform. Some responded (7 families either at SH School or previously at SH School and 5 people from the parish) with comments which she correlated under different headings – Expense, Quality and sizing, Effects of badly fitting trousers on emotional health, Ease of purchase, Shoes and How uniform policy fits with Christian values and with the new school uniform law.

The anonymised comments are available on request from Elizabeth Smith.

Expense: Elizabeth went through the cost of uniform from one parent. She went through and showed the PE Kit which costs £62 in total.

P Dore informed the PPC about the changes and reforms taking place in the school. He explained that there is lots of work to take place one being the uniform. He said the uniform is expensive including the PE kit. There have been inconsistences over the last 6/7 years and it’s the 3rd year this uniform has been in place. Consistency was needed going forward. He pointed out the uniform providers needed to make a contract with schools. He is also aware that where uniform can be bought is not local to our area (Normanton being one of the closest).

He went on to explain that this year there is a full-scale review of all uniform taking place. It will involve a survey of pupils and parents and it will go out to tender to see where the best providers are. The survey to go out the 2nd part of the Autumn Term.

He talked about things the school had done, giving food parcels to families who needed them and a hardship fund which gave vouchers to parents to get uniform.

JC (Parent) mentioned the logo trousers that cost £26.99 (Trutex) to get them where plain cost £14.95 from the same company. Some items could be used without the logo. PD explained it was introduced to make consistency throughout school. He guaranteed that the cost of uniform will be brought down.

Quality and sizing: ES showed her daughters trousers (£27.99) and discussed quality and compared them to a supermarket pair. She then discussed and showed how they have to wear the trousers as they don’t fit properly. A belt cannot be used as there are no loops, a bobble is needed to take them in. PD was asked if he’d had any other feedback about the girls’ trousers. Response was yes. Alternate trousers for girls need to be looked at carefully.

Ill fitting clothes and effects on emotional health – ES read the comment from the sheet. PD said this will be addressed. Father mentioned that this not just effects girls it can affect boys as well who could be less likely to speak out. Boys can also be fashion conscious.

Ease of purchase: At the moment uniform can be bought online or in certain shops that sell Trutex. ES read a comment made by a parent about the difficulty of buying online (incorrect items sent out and delays) and difficulties if families didn’t have a car. PD said they will take into consideration the geographical location of where uniform can be bought. Uniform samples could be in school so children could try them on. JC said that’s what used to happen in the school auditorium. Uniform could be tried on, ordered, and collected from school. It made it easier even though she had to travel into school.

L Bird explained they could have a ‘Pop Up Shop’ in SH school at Y6 transition meeting. She also mentioned what PD had done for low-income families – free new uniform using vouchers that could be taken into shops to buy new uniform. BF asked how do you decide who gets vouchers? Reply – Those who really need them are given them.

Bus fare was mentioned – agreed that cost of travel is expensive, but he couldn’t do anything about that.

Shoes: One parent commented about the cost of buying shoes which fit the school’s new criteria. JC said ease of purchase is getting harder due to supply. She bought what she thought was a pair of black, flat heeled full shoe polishable, cost £40, from M&S school range. She accepted that she hadn’t read the new shoe policy – hard wearing, flat, black shoes polishable. Her child was told the shoes where unacceptable as they were classed as trainers. What are trainers? What are shoes?

PD – need to be clearer about shoes – trainer/trainer material. There needs to be a clear line on what is/is not a shoe.

Christian Values and new law – ES read the comment on the sheet about St Wilfrid’s being out of step with the new school uniform law and the cost of logoed items not fitting with Christian values. Uniform is fixed until the end of this academic year. PD is committed to reviewing the uniform and making changes. Father mentioned a handful of families want to be on benefits, but most want the dignity of being able to pay their own way. He told a story about a child, whose family lived on benefits, who was given her first pair of new trainers and how she felt. He said it’s a basic Christian responsibility that we are duty bound to make this affordable so everyone can afford to pay for new.

Summary – PPC felt more hopeful, and DK (parent) said he was glad of the commitment and pleased that something would be done.

LB asked if they could come back to share other areas of development within the schools and to develop the link with schools and parish.

LB, PD and Visitors were invited to stay or could leave. They all left the meeting.

Matters arising: It was noted a change was made on the previous minutes,

Mr Dore eventually replied to say he would be in touch about it. Depending on the response from Mr Dore we will get our local MP involved.

Defibrillator – BF found where the closest one is, made a label and it’s now on the first aid box. ES to make similar for SH.

From Parish to Mission

Father explained the Bishop’s wish to plan a process to bring ‘Parish to Mission’. The first part initiating a ‘Listening Process’ that would enable all the Parishes to assist in preparing for the future mission of our diocese. The Pope also had a similar wish for 2023. The Bishop and the Dioceses are working together to move this forward a bit quicker.

The listening process is where questions (Evangelisation) given by the Pope will be asked at a meeting in the parish. Minutes will be drawn up and ideas compiled. This first part needs to be done before Christmas. 8 people in the Denary will be trained to go out to Parishes and listen to people express their ideas, which are then taken back to the diocese.

In this Denary one person from each parish is to be trained. That person will then go onto another parish to get the feedback to questions. Father to come up with some dates for meetings (late Nov/early Dec). We need to decide this evening who will be willing to be trained. Need 2 names in case there is a problem. Names put forward P. Stuart and E. Smith. M. Day will also be asked.


Singing has been reintroduced in Mass.

The Stewards have been converted into Welcomers.

Parents bringing children back to Mass. Has slowed a bit during the holidays.

Recapped dates from minutes 17th June 2021.


AGM arrangements

7pm. Thursday 21st October 2021. New members attend AGM.


Names submitted by 19th September 2021.

Ballot no later than 16th/17th October 2021.

(Names listed – put a cross in relevant box and post it at church)

Last meeting of the present members. AGM to be chaired by Elizabeth, then need to appoint a new chair.

JW, ES, TW and PS sorting out refreshments for the evening.

Parish Groups

Open Heart – Starting back in November 2021

SVP – meeting taking place.

Wiggles and Giggles/Line Dancing – both groups returned to using the Hall.

Donations by App / card machine

Moved to next meeting.


Budget not being published as there is nothing to compare it to due to Covid.

BKCAT – Write a letter to Mr Gillet asking if they had looked at moving somewhere as the lease at Nostell Priory is up for renewal.

Next meeting: AGM 21st October 2021 Sacred Heart