Parish Council

Parish of The Sacred Heart and Saint Joseph

Parish Pastoral Council

10th March 2022 St Joseph’s

Present: J Dent, Fr A Fenton, E Smith, B France, P Jordan, T Williams, B. Palmer, J. Kirwan and B. France

Apologies: Cate Allan, J Ward, P Stuart, R. Harvey and L. Bird

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting:

B France and T. Williams

Matters Arising

Raising the profile of the PPC Members: Only three members remembered to send photos to CA. ES said she would take any members photo at the end of the meeting and send them to CA.

Uniform Update: The survey has been done. Results imminent from Headteacher.

Catholic Union of Gt. Britain: BF explained that she had received an application form to join, which is free for Parishes. Individual applications cost £30 to join. It was agreed that we would join.

Covid Guidelines

Communion under both kinds will not be given yet. A discussion took place about the Sign of Peace and wearing of face masks.

Sign of Peace will be reintroduced first weekend in April (2nd/3rd April)

Wearing of face masks: The notice in the Newsletter will be changed to a personal choice from the first weekend in April.

Children and Weekend Masses:

Father asked Do we revive Children’s Liturgy, or do we have a periodic mass where children are invited up to the front for the Homily, which is based around the children? We agreed to go the route of periodic masses involving children. Could also encourage children to read the bidding prayers during these masses.

Parish to Mission

Parishioners were invited to a meeting to answer questions (Evangelisation). All the Parishioners responses were coordinated and put together by the Deanery and a response was made. Each parish received their own responses. A follow up meeting was to be arranged March/April 2022. Nobody has been in touch to arrange a date. What do we want to do with the Parish response?

Diocese to Mission response – At Diocesan level a plan will be put forward for what we need to do.

It was decided that we would wait for the Diocese to bring out their response.

Ukrainian Refugees/St. Joseph’s

Ex-Presbyteries were opened to refugees in the past. We have an empty house here. Should we open it up to refugees? We would need permission from the Bishop and contact would also have to be made with Catholic Care and the Property Officer. If on board we need to find out if any grants are available to assist in redecorating, updating the kitchen and refurbishing. SVP maybe could help. We would need to be supportive of anyone who is here.

It was agreed that Father would take this forward and contact the relevant people.

Attracting Younger Parishioners: To be discussed at the Evangelisation Sub Committee.

Internal decoration at St. Joseph’s: Some Parishioners have mentioned the decoration at SJ. The centre is not bad and can wait to be decorated, between the pillars down the side aisles are in need of doing. A proper look is needed in the light of day. B. France, B. Palmer and Fr A Fenton agreed to have a proper look.

Displaying the Eucharistic Prayer number: To be put in the Mass sheet, however it could change depending on what happens during Mass.

Evangelisation: Successful Pancake Party

Lent Prayer Days in Newsletter. A list will be in both Churches to sign up.

International Mass 2nd July 2022

Parish Organisation/Groups:

Memory Café – Returning 11th March 2022

SVP: Meeting again, but low on numbers. Donations have been coming in.

Real Easter Eggs: Fair Trade have 30 eggs with cards that tell a little bit of the Easter Story. Both schools are interested in having enough eggs for all the children. The SVP agreed to cover the cost.

AOB: E. Smith gave an update on the BKCAT Trust moving their meetings from Nostel Priory. They have now moved out of Nostel and are holding their meetings at St Wilfred’s School.

8.35p.m. Everyone asked if the meeting could continue. All agreed.

PPC Constitution: Young People appointed for 12 months; however, they can continue without re-election up to three years. Copies attached to minutes. Final addition to be agreed at AGM.

Date of next meeting, AGM Wednesday 29th June after Mass 7.00pm Sacred Heart

Thursday 15th September St Joseph’s Rooms

The meeting ended with a blessing from Father Anthony.