Parish Council

Parish of The Sacred Heart and St Joseph

Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

3rd December 2020 Sacred Heart

Present: J Dent, J Ward, Fr A Fenton, B Palmer,  E Smith,  B France,  Jim Kirwan, P Jordan, P Stuart and T Williams.

Apologies: H Duffield & L Walsh

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of meeting 13 September 2020  were accepted P Jordan and P Stuart.

Matters Arising:  Carpet and decorating haven’t been done yet.  Day of Prayer not going ahead this month but hopefully we will have one in Lent.

St.Wilfrid’s Uniform

A discussion took place regarding the St Wilfrid’s  uniform, St Joseph’s School do recycle the uniform in the summer and are willing to include any St Wilfrid’s uniform.

With the cost of St Wilfrid’s uniform and bus fares parents are opting to send their children to Minsthorpe or Outwood.

There will be a new Head at St Wilfrid’s in January, Elizabeth to write to him on behalf of the PPC regarding the cost of their heavily logoed uniform and ease of purchase.

Elizabeth to collaborate with Bernadette and Peter before sending to Father.

Final letter to be sent to: St Wilfrid’s Head, All Governors, The Trust, The Bishop and Education department. 

Christmas Mass times, advertising and Christmas Card

Christmas Eve: 3.00pm St Joseph

                             5.00pm Sacred Heart

                             7.00pm Sacred Heart

Christmas Day 9.00am St Joseph

                            10.45 am Sacred Heart

Boxing Day (Saturday) 10.00 am St Joseph

Sunday  9.00 am St Joseph

10.45 am Sacred Heart

These times will be on the newsletter and Facebook.

Parish Christmas Card, we are extending the date for the names for the card until Monday 7th December, people can hand these in at church or through Father Anthony’s letter box, email or ring Father Anthony with this information and donate later.

No names will be put on the card unless given to Father Anthony.

Streamed Masses

Steamed Masses will continue weekly until after Christmas whilst we are in Tier 3. Father will review with the film crew when to cease weekly and return to monthly streaming.  Hopefully Christmas Day Mass will be streamed at 10.45 am.

Credit/Debit Card donating at Church

Some churches are using a Credit/Debit card machine in the entrance to church for people use for their donations, do we want to go down this way?

Father Anthony to find out more details and email information to the Parish Council and Finance Committee.

Lent Project

Mary’s Meals and Diocesan Peru Mission will share the donated money.

Online Meetings

It was agreed with everyone that if need be we could meet online.  FHC meetings can be on Teams if needed, but children’s activities can go ahead in all three tiers.

Our Parish post-Covid

How do we get people back into church when thing get back to normal, families are slow to come back at the moment.

Evangelisation group to meet in January, any ideas please contact: Father Anthony, Elizabeth, Paul, Mary Day or Val Hall.

The next meeting of PPC in March will only have this on the agenda.

AOB: A letter form Luke Walsh, Head of St Joseph’s Moorthorpe to Parents informing them he will be leaving at the end of the Spring Term to start a new Headship. The PPC would like to thank Luke for all his contributions to the PPC and wish him luck in his new post.

Louise Bird will still be Head at Sacred Heart, and also Executive Head of St Josephs.

Closing Prayer: Father Anthony closed the meeting with a prayer.

Next Meeting 11th March Sacred Heart.