Parish Council

Parish of The Sacred Heart and St Joseph
Meeting of the Pastoral Council

15th March 2018 at Saint Joseph’s

Present: J Dent, H Duffield, Fr A Fenton, B Palmer, E Smith, B France,
J Ward, O Godlejewski, P Jordan, P Stuart and T Williams.
Apologies: J Kirwan

The meeting opened with a prayer.

Welcome to our new members:
Everyone introduced themselves and welcomed Teresa and Oskar.

Minutes of the previous meeting:
The minutes of 14th December 2017 were accepted.

Matters Arising:
Father Anthony said the kitchen was coming along and hopefully be finished on Friday. New floor will be in place after Easter.

Parish Pastoral Council Constitution:
Copies of the constitution were passed round and Father Anthony explained the alterations, everyone agreed the alterations and this would now be taken to the AGM to be passed. It was also agreed that when a newly elected council were elected they should all be given a copy of the constitution.

Saint Joseph’s Presbytery:
Some of the PPC had a tour of the premises with a view as to what would happen to them. Unfortunately the premises are integrated with the church and this poses as a problem for anyone other than a parishioner, this would have to change. A few ideas were talked about but nothing decided. A lot of work and money needs to be spent on the premises.

Parish Trips:
Bernadette said she had been to the Bar Convent in York and there was now a charge to enter £5 Adults and £4 Concessions. They wanted to know the numbers and would give us a price for a group. This would be a full day trip with a Fish and Chip supper on the way back. Bernadette is to investigate further with the possibility of a trip in June / July.

Adoremus, Eucharistic Congress:
This will be held on 7,8,9th September, Elizabeth would be going on the Saturday and it would be nice if we could get a bus trip up for the Sunday to go to Mass in Liverpool followed by the outdoor procession. It would be a long day but worthwhile. Elizabeth to investigate further.

The Daffodils given out at Mass had been a lovely idea, at Pentecost there will be a large wreath at both churches and everyone will be invited to put a flower into this. The wreath would then be put on display for all to see.
FHC children will be having a retreat in June with the program starting in September and FHC to take place first week of Advent.

Reports from Parish Organisations/Groups
Guild of St Stephen: The group were going strong.
SVP: President has stepped down and Paul Stuart is now President.
Sacred Heart Seniors: The group are doing very well with around 12 regular members enjoying tea and chat followed by bingo and afternoon tea. They had a lovely Christmas party with the children from Sacred Heart School coming and singing for them. A trip to Wetherby Whaler was another highlight and we are organising a Royal wedding party in May.
Open Heart Memory Café is now open each second Friday of the month, we had 29 people there on the opening and this seems to be doing well.
Confirmation: Catechists for the Confirmation group were now changing with the age group also changing. The present Catechists were willing to start a new group with the older children. Not a Youth Club as such, but a group with a spiritual side to it. Ideas required. Confirmation for the current Year 5 and 6 will be by the Bishop at a Deanery level and will hopefully take place in January / February 2019.

Summer Fair 6th July

Date of next meetings:
14th June AGM (plus a short business meeting, if any urgent matter requires it) – Sacred Heart

Parish Booklet to be updated by Janet, anyone wanting to have anything added/changed please let Janet know as soon as possible.

The meeting ended with a blessing from Father Anthony.